Outcasts: Command Box 1

Outcasts: Command Box 1

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Humanity's Outcasts thrive and survive in the wasteland by any means.

Surviving in the wastelands away from human civilization are the Outcasts, scavengers looking for useful resources and trying not to get killed. Warchiefs heft their bone-shattering clubs and bravely lead these expeditions, knowing the trouble their fellows might get into. This is especially true of the young Scuts learning how to be useful with their scrap metal boomerangs, never far from the watchful eye – and knives – of their tutoring Bully. They might survive to grow up into Wasteland Warriors, picking up junkyard bludgeons and their tethering grapple guns. Life in the wastes, after all, is not to be taken lightly.

Being at the head of the Outcast scavenger tribes takes guts, skill, and a tiny touch of madness. From the wasteland genius of Warlord Hoj, the brutal skill of the gladiator Oz, the gruff orders of a Brute Pusher, or the killer instincts of the Manhunter – the Outcasts have a host of veteran warriors at the top!

• Highly detailed metal miniatures
• Hoj would be used as a leader, while Oz, the Brute Pusher, and the Manhunter are all elite warriors for an Outcast warband.
•Hoj is best when swinging his halberd saw to knock down and then finish off enemy troops. Oz can deal
well with enemy troops but can take it to enemy elites too. The Brute Pusher is best used to drive Brutes forward, providing them with re-rolls if he is nearby. The Manhunter is an excellent infiltrator, focused on slowing down high-value targets until the rest of the warband can make it into combat.

Box contains: one (1) Hoj, Warlord of Samaria model, one (1) Brute Pusher model, one (1) Manhunter model, one (1) Oz, The Pit Champion model, one (1) 40mm base, three (3) 30mm bases, and their Dark Age unit cards.

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