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The armies of Terrinoth march to War!

The Runewars Miniatures Game is a game of epic battles set in the Runebound universe. Deploy your army, with ranked infantry, swift cavalry, powerful siege creatures, and awe-inspiring heroes. Issue hidden commands to each unit, planning your strategy. Then, reveal your commands to loose massed bowfire, launch bold charges, and unleash devastating magic upon the enemy. But beware! You opponent has plans as well and may thwart your masterstroke.

Runewars includes dynamic miniatures and a rewarding, tactical game system. Varied battle setups and objectives ensure that each game is unique. Finally, the innovative movement trays allow players' units to scale as their collections grow. Lead your army into the ongoing Runewars saga!

Plastic components.

48 Figures
2 Character Diroamas
16 Movement Trays
9 Movement Templates
8 Command Tools
6 Attack Dice
1 Range Ruler
1 Round Counter
8 Unit Cards
4 Reference Cards
4 Terrain Cards
6 Deployment Cards
6 Objective Cards
18 Upgrade Cards
30 Morale Cards
4 Terrain Pieces
61 Assorted Tokens
1 Learn to Play Booklet
1 Rules Reference
1 Lore Guide

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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