Salt Flat Nomads: Tribal Warriors

Salt Flat Nomads: Tribal Warriors

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Abandoning the notion of permanent residence in the Poison Steppes makes the Salt Flat Nomads always ready to take on a challenge. The Tribal Warriors’ envenomed crossbow bolts and sharpened tulwars are the common tools of the Nomads’ vengeance.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures
• The Tribal Warriors would form the backbone of a Salt Flat Nomad warband.
• The Tribal Warriors work best in pairs or supporting an elite model. Their Toxic crossbows can weaken their opponents as they close in for the kill. They’ll also improve each tie they collect a Scavenge counter.

Box contains: three (3) Tribal Warrior models, three (3) 30mm bases, and one (1) Dark Age unit card.

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