Skarrd: Faction starter

Skarrd: Faction starter

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The cults of the Skarrd fight tooth and nail to be the top of the food chain. 

From the early days after the abandonment, when they fled from the ruins of Port City to become the tribes of the Baniss, to the appearance of the Heretic Saint, and the creation of the Skarrd, the denizens of the Northern Wastes have had to become brutal killers to survive.  There is no room for the weak.  There are no resources to be spared on the sick or elderly.  In Skarrd society, you take what you need to survive and you follow the commands of your tribal father.


1 Buzzblade A

1 Buzzblade B

1 Buzzblade C

1 Harpy A

1 Harpy B

1 Harpy C

1 Warhead

1 Tribal Father

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