Skarrd: Hoodoo

Skarrd: Hoodoo

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The cults of the Skarrd fight tooth and nail to be the top of the food chain.

Adapted through hardship, Skarrd are savage survivors that severed ties to humanity long ago for primal competition, cultish devotion and bloodlust. Raiding parties are often led by a Tribal Father, whose deadly swordsmanship is augmented by his inhuman physique and matched by unlocked psychogenic powers. Skarrd tribes thrive by turning to cannibalism, but none are so proficient at it than the frenzied Buzzblades with their crude weapons. Their meals are easier to get their teeth into once the fastest morsels are caught up in the twisting tethers of the nimble Bolas. The Skarrd kill to survive, and survive they will!

Unpainted figure, requires assembly. Comes with free unit card and premium plastic base.

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