Team Yankee : British Chieftain Armored Troop

Team Yankee : British Chieftain Armored Troop

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The British fought the Second World War in fast light tanks, outgunned by their opponents. Now, the Chieftain tank has the thickest armour and biggest gun of any tank in NATO. When it entered service in 1966, the Chieftain was a behemoth capable of overpowering any tank in existence. It still is, despite twenty years of evolution in tank design, a tough opponent. This evolution has not passed the Chieftain by. The front of its turret now bears a layer of 'Stillbrew' armour, maintaining its edge as one of the best protected tanks in the world.

Plastic components.

5 Chieftain Tanks
1 Tank Commander Sprue
1 Decal Sheet
4 Unit Cards

1:100 scale

Note: All miniatures require paint and assembly.

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