Team Yankee : Soviet T-64 Tankovy Company

Team Yankee : Soviet T-64 Tankovy Company

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The T-64 tank was a second generation tank design that first entered service in 1967 to replace the older first generation tanks. It features many innovative design features. The T-64 has improved armour protection compared to previous Soviet tanks, introducing ceramic composite armour. The T-64 is also fitted with NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) protection and automatic fire suppression systems. It was also the first Soviet tank to be fitted with an autoloader, which allowed for the reduction of the turret size by removing the need for a loader crewman.

Plastic components.

5 T-64 Tanks
1 Tank Commander Sprue
1 Decal Sheet
3 Unit Cards

1:100 scale

Note: All miniatures require paint and assembly

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