Team Yankee : T - 55 AM2 Panzer Kompanie

Team Yankee : T - 55 AM2 Panzer Kompanie

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The T-55AM2 was fitted with a modern fire control system with a ballistic calculator, calculating such things as air pressure, air temperature, the weight of ammunition, reduced velocity for tube wear, and so on. It was also fitted with a laser rangefinder. Much like the T-72M the T-55AM2 had additional ‘bazooka skirts' added giving it improved protection versus enemy anti-tank guided missiles and other man-portable anti-tank weapons such as Carl Gustav and LAW (light anti-tank weapon).

plastic & metal components

5 T-55 AM2 Tanks
1 Tank Commander Sprue
2 Decal Sheets
3 Unit Cards

1:100 scale

Note: All miniatures require paint and assembly.

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