Warcry - Nighthaunt

Warcry - Nighthaunt

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Want to play Warcry with a Nighthaunt warband? This is the perfect place to start! This specially-designed warband set contains a variety of Nighthaunt fighters, giving you a versatile and diverse warband out of the box. Fighter cards for every kind of Nighthaunt warrior make expanding your warband simple, while the Abilities card lets you master the sinister powers of the Nighthaunt.

This set contains 13 Citadel Miniatures, including 4 Myrnmourn Banshees, 4 Glaivewraith Stalkers and 5 Grimghast Reapers (with the option to build one as an Extoller of Shyish). It also includes an ability card that provides reference imagery for your fighters and powers they can use on the battlefield, fighter cards for 7 different types of fighter, including the Dreadwarden, Grimghast Reaper, Chainrasp, Spirit Host, Glaivewraith Stalker, Extoller of Shyish and the Myrmourn Banshee. Finally, you'll get 2 double-sided, Nighthaunt-themed token boards, letting you track activations, initiative, treasure, objectives and more.

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