Spiteclaw's Swarm

Spiteclaw's Swarm

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Designed to be as easy as possible to assemble for new hobbyists while being detailed enough for the hardiest veteran to appreciate, this is a set of 5 Easy To Build Skaven. Push-fit, with no glue required, these are incredibly straightforward to put together. 

In this kit you’ll find 5 Skaven, led by Skritch Spiteclaw: 

- Skritch Spiteclaw is armed with a wicked halberd;
- Krrk the Almost-trusted is armed with a rusty spear;
- The Lurking Skaven is armed with a pair of punch daggers;
- The Hungering Skaven is armed with a rusty flail and clanshield;
- The Festering Skaven is armed with a pair of stabbing blades. 


* upon request we can provide the faction cards for this warband for Warhammer Underworlds.

This kit comes as 21 push-fit components, and is supplied with 4 sculpted 32mm round bases, and a sculpted 50mm round base. A warscroll containing rules for fielding these miniatures as a unit in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar is included.

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