Wrath of Kings: Book 1 Unit and Motivation Cards

Wrath of Kings: Book 1 Unit and Motivation Cards

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This deck of over 90 cards covers a lot of things that will help improve your Wrath of Kings gaming experience. Printed on a premium, linen-finish card stock and housed in a tuckbox, this deck of cards features:


• 75 cards covering all the units from Book 1 – While the Nasier, Goritsi, and Teknes units have not changed at all, the Hadross units received updates focused on the new, sleeker way that Resonate works, and the Shael Han Iron Lotus units received an update too.
• 15 Motivation cards – With a couple of Motivations receiving tweaks in Wrath of Kings: Rising Conflicts, these cards are all up to date and make selecting (and remembering) your Motivations much easier.

• 1 Defense Chart card – Sometimes it can be a little tough, particularly when you are learning the game, to immediately understand what each of the symbols on the Defense Chart mean. Think of this card as a cool, little cheat sheet.


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