Wrath of Kings: Rising Conflicts

Wrath of Kings: Rising Conflicts

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As the struggle to take the Throne of the Ancient King escalates, so too do the efforts of each of the Houses of Arikania. Wrath of Kings: Rising Conflicts brings a number of great things to your Wrath of Kings gaming. This 140-page, full-color rulebook features:


• A polished Wrath of Kings ruleset – Combining the original rules with the FAQ, and tidying up some of the language for clarity.
• An advancing storyline – The world of Arikania is rich and full of deep secrets that can only be revealed through the narrative.

• 30+ new units for the game – Each House receives six or more new Leaders, Infantry units, and Specialists.

• World-building art – There are a lot of great art pieces that really give a feel for each House and the lands they inhabit.

(Wrath of Kings rulebook, 2nd Edition)


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