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22 Jul New Space Marines Codex and more...
Pre-orders for all the exciting new Space Marine Primaris releases are here.  Plus the new and first codex of 8th edition has landed. Shop here: h...
14 Jul Hour of Devastation
Join us tonight for Magic the Gathering! We are happy to launch the new set "Hour of Devastation", and have plenty of Amonkhet on hand as well as d...
07 Jul Reinforcements are here
Hey Warhammer 40k fans, we have some mighty awesome pre-orders for you this week! Primaris Reivers, a new boxed game featuring Death Guard and Prim...


I'm physically disabled and I live a good distance from the store, but the staff at Alpha Omega have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable in helping me get back into 40K.  There's two game stores 15 minutes from my house, but I'll gladly drive the extra 45min to get to Alpha Omega. You just can't beat the customer service and sheer knowledge.

Brian F.

Love the service Alpha Omega is already able to provide at this early stage. The guys who run this operation are uniformly pillars of the gaming community, and the events they've run so far is have me eagerly anticipating the opening of their permanent space. Can't recommend these guys highly enough and I'm sure that recommendation will only grow once they've got a dedicated space for all of your gaming needs

Kirby P.

Great providers for the hobby and easy to communicate with. They brought me back after many years of not playing by having fun events and great people. I definitely recommend if you are interested in any hobby to check them out

Nicholas C.

I love these guys. I preordered the 8th edition and everything including the peripheral items was there waiting for me. I even had some additional products I wanted to pick up and this crew went above and beyond to find them for me, going through boxes just to get what I was looking for. A+++

Larz G.

Comprehensive and knowledgable customer service with only the best smile. Had fun coming here, getting started with Warhammer 40k, and getting to know everyone. I'm absolutely looking forward to coming back to play and shop more.

Jayson M.

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