Cloudspire : Horizon's Wrath Faction Expansion

Cloudspire : Horizon's Wrath Faction Expansion

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Take to the skies with the Horizon's Wrath, one of the new faction expansions for Cloudspire! This tough crew of flying sky pirates is out for plunder, and with their unique fortress tactics, no faction is safe! Featuring the game's only movable fortress and cannons that can shoot across the entire island, the Horizon's Wrath are one of the most unique factions Cloudspire has to offer.s.

The Horizon's Wrath is a massive airship that houses the remainder of an Ankarian race whose home island was destroyed in a biological attack. To survive, the Horizon's Wrath crew has adopted a form of aeronautic piracy, raiding other islands and stealing their Source to power the ship.

The Horizon's Wrath faction boasts a number of gameplay innovations, including a mobile fortress, a morale-based upgrade system and deadly cannonballs fired from its fortress. It also comes with four solo scenarios and two co-op scenarios, ensuring hours of gameplay no matter your play style.


Requires Cloudspire game to play.


  • Neoprene Fortress
  • 2 Faction Dice
  • 25 Faction Unit Chips
  • Scenario Booklet
  • 2 Reference sheets/cards
  • Chip Storage Tray

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