Cloudspire Vol. 2: Ankar's Plunder - Lore, Art and Scenario Book

Cloudspire Vol. 2: Ankar's Plunder - Lore, Art and Scenario Book

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Cloudspire Vol. 2: Ankar's Plunder brings the next stage of The Joining War to life, telling the story of new factions Horizon's Wrath and The Uprising and how they rained chaos down on Ankar during the griege's attempt to take control of the sky islands. The Ankar's Plunder hardcover collects the Horizon's Wrath and Uprising solos together in one gorgeous tome, complete with expanded story and lovely art, and, unlike the Vol. 1 hardcover, it also features new bonus scenarios and PvP skirmishes that aren't found in the faction expansions or the base game!

Note: The scenarios and skirmishes included in this book are the same as those contained in the Ankar's Plunder softcover booklet. This book contains a bevy of additional art and lore. While all solo and co-op scenarios included with faction expansions are playable with only the faction and the base game, the skirmishes and bonus scenarios contained in this book require multiple Cloudspire expansions to enjoy in their entirety, including Portal Seekers, the Griege, Horizon's Wrath and The Uprising.

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