Dark Souls the Boardgame - Characters

Dark Souls the Boardgame - Characters

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Brave the dangers of the Dark Souls world with six new characters for Dark Souls board game. Take control of the agile thief, faithful cleric, bloody mercenary, fiery pyromancer, arcane sorcerer, or determined deprived. Seek out the most coveted suits of armor and ready yourselves for the dangers that lie ahead.

These six new characters come with their own miniatures, character boards, nad treasure cards, giving players more than double the character choices for their adventures. Many of these characters provide new starting points for the adventure, such as the mercenayr's two-weapon fighting style or the sorcerer's long-range magical attacks. The deprived even introduces a new style of progression, beginning the adventure very weak but with potential to ultimately use any treasure in the game.

This expansion also includes 10 of the most iconic armor sets from Dark Souls. Each armor set is represented by its own miniature as well as two cards, allowing players to choose between finding these armor sets early in their adventures or questing further to discover even more powerful versions.

6 Characters
  ‣ Deprived
  ‣ Thief
  ‣ Sorcerer
  ‣ Mercenary
  ‣ Pyromancer
  ‣ Cleric
10 Armor Sets
  ‣ Black Iron
  ‣ Catarina
  ‣ Black Knight
  ‣ Guardian
  ‣ Havel's
  ‣ Embraced Armor of Favor
  ‣ Crimson Robes
  ‣ Explorer's
  ‣ Dark
  ‣ Gold-Trimmed Black Robes

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 90-120 minutes

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Dark Souls is required to play.

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