HeroQuest : Return of the Witch Lord

HeroQuest : Return of the Witch Lord

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    The Evil Witch Lord Awaits Your Arrival

    The cruel Witch Lord survived the great battle and sought refuge in his subterranean fortress. Soon he will have recovered enough strength to lead his mutant army in a vengeful attack against the Realm. You must journey across the barren lands and confront the Witch Lord. Beware! His fortress is filled with legions of vile monsters and deadly traps.

    Revisit the rich story of HeroQuest with Return of the Witch Lord, an exciting expansion in which you must destroy the Witch Lord, who hides from the light of day with his army of the undead. With 10 exciting quests, 16 finely detailed monsters, and full-color tiles, Return of the Witch Lord continues your HeroQuest adventure!

    1 Quest Miniatures
    16 Miniatures
      ‣ 8 Skeletons
      ‣ 4 Mummies
      ‣ 4 Zombies
    1 Cardboard Tile Sheet
    3 Dungeon Doors
    14 Game Cards

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 2-5
    Game Length: 90 minutes

    This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of HeroQuest is required to play.

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