Dice Throne: Season 1 Rerolled - Box 4 - Treant vs. Ninja

Dice Throne: Season 1 Rerolled - Box 4 - Treant vs. Ninja

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Welcome to Dice Throne!

A heart pumping, fast playing game of skillful card play and dice manipulation that will have your game nights cheering!

1. Roll your hero's dice 3 times to activate abilities.
2. Upgrade abilities and play action cards to surprise your foe.
3. Defeat your opponents and take the throne!

The Treant is the most elder of contenders. HE decided he could no longer be a stick in the mud weeping over willows. He chose to branch out, leaving his thicket behind with a sappy goodbye. He dug deep, packed his trunk, spruced himself up, and began lumbering ever closer to the true root of the problem - the Mad King.

The Ninja knows that victory is never truly certain, so she has spent countless hours to hone her craft. As a master of ninjutsu, she deals massive amounts of damage using unconventional methods, and when she's prepared, can dodge incoming attacks with more consistence than any other hero.

2 Hero Boards
2 Hero Leaflets
2 Health Dials
2 Combat Points Dials
2 Hero Decks
10 Dice
Gametrayz Inserts

Ages: 8+
Players: 2
Game Length: 20-40 minutes

This game can be played on its own as a two-player game or combined with other Dice Throne sets to accommodate more players.

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