Zombicide 2nd edition - Presidential box

Zombicide 2nd edition - Presidential box

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Zombicide 2nd edition!

In Zombicide, zombies are controlled by the game, while players take on the role of Survivors who must cooperate in order to survive and thrive in a world overrun by the bloodthirsty undead. Find guns and gear to take the fight to the zombies through 25 different scenarios linked by a branching story as you pick your way through an infested city.

Returning players will find that the classic rules have been refined, streamlining game play and getting into the thick of the action faster than ever before! Veteran zombie hunters will still be able to use their current collections as updates will be available.

The Presidential Box adds 6 new Survivors to Zombicide: 2nd Edition, and they are none other than the American Presidents! Use them as standard Survivors in your Zombicide games and enjoy their special Red Button ability, or upgrade your Washington Z.C. experience with the President companion of your choice!

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