A Song of Ice & Fire : Harma's Vanguard

A Song of Ice & Fire : Harma's Vanguard

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North of the wall horses are a somewhat rare sighting, which makes Harma Dogshead’s Vanguard all the more inspiring for the Free Folk. While lightly armored and crudely armed compared to southern troops, these cavalry units serve as more than outriders, being both scouts and spearheads to the Free Folk armies. Their greatest weakness is in fact their lack of armor, but this gives rise to their greatest strength: pure speed.

  • NORTH OF THE WALL CAVALRY: Bolster your Free Folk army with Harma Dogshead’s Vanguard, a rare and inspiring cavalry unit in the harsh northern environment.
  • LIGHTLY ARMORED, HIGH SPEED: Though lightly armored, these cavalry units excel in speed, making them effective scouts and spearheads in battle.
  • TACTICAL MANEUVERABILITY: Ideal for executing well-coordinated maneuvers to outflank enemies, enhancing strategic gameplay.
  • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Includes pre-assembled, intricately detailed miniatures, ready for immediate gameplay and customization through painting.
  • COMPETITIVE MINIATURES GAME: Part of a competitive game where players control Great Houses of Westeros, vying for the Iron Throne.

Please Note:  Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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