Hexagon LX Dice Tray (6 color optioins)

Hexagon LX Dice Tray (6 color optioins)

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The hexagon dice trays are a flat, foldable tray the help keep rolling dice contained to your personal area. They work great anytime dice needs rolled, especially for role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. They're handy in games of Warhammer, Button Men, and Dice Masters.

Similar to our Deck Vaults, the Dice Trays are made from our “LX” leatherette material, along with a faux suede on the alternate side. For the Deck Vaults, the leatherette has multiple colors, while the interior suede is black. For the Dice Trays, the color combinations are reversed... the bottoms are all black leatherette, while the interior of the Dice Trays are a colored suede.

  • 12" diameter flat (corner-to-corner)
  • 8" diameter folded (corner-to-corner)
  • Black leatherette back-side
  • color suede liner

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