Mork Borg RPG : Feretory

Mork Borg RPG : Feretory

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"Dynhall offered blood-gold on this beast, a Wyvern. Terrorized them for months, scooping up children from the streets and tearing open roofs. We tracked it, killed it. Hard work and spilled blood for blood-claimed gold. We set up camp, just to tend wounds and quench thirst. A day maybe we thought. Then came the storm of Black Salt. We stitched tents from the beast's flesh, sheltered in its stinking ribs. Oh how I hate this salt! Somehow it seems to KNOW when I must catch my breath."
- Schleik Grav, corpse hunter

Cult Feretory is a sinful zine full of community made classes, adventures and horrible treasures for use with Mörk Borg or other rules-light dark fantasy games.

Inside, you'll find:

• The Monster Approaches - Create your own terrible foe with this monster generator. Determine appearance, behavior, abilities, goal and strange habits for your new friend.

• Roads to Damnation - Simple rules for overland travel, including distances, road encounters, village types and destinations.

• Eat Prey Kill - Rules for hunting for food (or sport). Also 54 fully statted monsters, 6 for each major area of the dying world.

• The Death Ziggurat - A delve into the ruins of a lost temple city where something is awakening. A descent into undead madness. A Cosmic Necrocrawl at the end of time. The Death Ziggurat is a short adventure about postponing the inevitable.

• d100 Items & Trinkets - What can be scored in the darkest of cellars and the rucksacks of the fallen? Use this list of keepsakes and trinkets to find out.

• and much more!

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