DSPIAE : anti-cut finger cots (6pc)

DSPIAE : anti-cut finger cots (6pc)

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Anti-cut Finger Cots
Real time protection with comfort
Anti-cutting rate | Touch Screen Compatible | Great Air Permeability | Druability and Flexability

Class 5 Rated Anti-cut Protection

  • Constructed of reinforced polyethylene fiber, breathable polyester fiber and micro conductive metal thread with an integrated braiding process. This cot is national HPPE5 rated that gives you effective protection in your modeling works
  • Anti cutting and slicing keeps you away from injury by modeling tools
  • No worries for being cut when manipulating your tools
  • This cot DOES NOT provide protection from stabbing actions. Tests of staggering, shearing, drilling, chopping or hacking by brutal force are strictly prohibited.

Smooth Operation on Touch Screens

  • Cots contain micro conductive metal threads that enable you to operate touch screens on your smart device without undoing them while building your models.
  • Please note that a loosely fitting cot with forward facing sutures or a filmed screen may result in reduced screen sensitivity

Snug Fit with High Flexibility. Breathable with Comfort

  • Snug yet comfortable fit with breathable soft touch that keeps you from sweating. Ideal for prolonged work sessions.

Each set contains 3 long and 3 short cots

EU CE Certified

  • DSPIAE anti-cut cots passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedure of the EU CE certification and comply with the basic requirements of not endangering the safety of humans, animals, or goods


  • Be aware that the cots can provide effective protection for lateral cuts while are not resistant to shearing, stabbing, drilling, hacking, chopping, or smashing. DO NOT attempt to test those actions
  • DO NOT wear cots or gloves of any means when operating motor tools. They tend to get caught up in rotating parts of motor tools and can cause severe injury
  • Prolonged, frequent use under heavy workload may spead up the wear on the cots. Never use worn out cots, replace with new ones
  • This product is designed to protect you from hobby knife, saw blade, and other modeling tools. DO NOT use it for non-modeling works.

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