Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Soulbound Game-Master's Screen

Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Soulbound Game-Master's Screen

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The Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Gamemaster’s Screen is an indispensable addition to every GM’s arsenal! Regardless of playstyle or experience level, the GM screen contains a wealth of useful information, with incredible artwork by artist Johan Grenier.

  • The Gamemaster’s Screen: A three-panel landscape screen with stunning artwork depicting a group of Soulbound facing down an onslaught of Khorne Bloodbound and the Legions of Nagash.
  • The interior screen contains at-a-glance references for the most used rules, as well as NPC names and rumours for GMs to create adventures on the fly.
  • Cities of Flame: A 32-page booklet packed full of adventures set in some of the major cities in Aqshy: Anvilgard, Brightspear, Hallowheart, Hammerhal, and Tempest’s Eye.
  • Includes a short introduction to each city as well as five one-page adventures per city, for a total of 25 adventures!

While the PDF is not quite ready, we wanted to launch this product to allow those who wish to bundle postage the opportunity to order multiple products at the same time. The PDF for this title will follow as soon as it is complete,  and we will continue to update those who pre-order on its progress.

Pre-order now here. Physical copies expected to ship in Quarter 4.

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