Fate - core system

Fate - core system

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Characters Live at the Core of Fate

A High Priestess of the barbarian hordes, an undead Wild West gunslinger, and a Second Lieutenant of the Intergalactic Security Forces are about as different as they come, but they've got one thing in common: they need a strong engine to drive their stories.

Fate Core is that engine.

Fate Core is the latest evolution of the award-winning Fate RPG system from Evil Hat Productions. We've streamlined and clarified the rules while maintaining the system's trademark flexibility. Name your game; Fate Core can make it happen.

Inside, you'll discover:
• Easy-to-follow rules for character and world creation.
• Rock-solid storytelling advice for players and GMs to produce the best play experience.
• Clearly-defined systems to guide players both old and new.
• New and impoved approaches to character actions, aspects, compels...and more!
Fate Core is "setting agnostic" meaning its rule set can be applied to any setting. Can be played with standard d6 or Fate dice featuring + and - sides.

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