A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones

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Claim the Iron Throne and the Lands of Westeros!

King Robert Baratheon is dead and the kingdoms of Westeros brace for impending war. House Lannister, whose daughter Cersei was Robert's queen, claims the throne for her young son, Joffrey. From his seat on the isle of Dragonstone, Robert's younger brother Stannis rightfully demands the throne for himself. On the Iron Isles, House Greyjoy is about to embark on a second rebellion, but this time with a grander goal. In the north, House Stark gathers its strength to defend what is right. In the south, wealthy House Tyrell harbors an old ambition to sit on the Iron Throne but must be every wary of the ancient House Martell and its legacy of vengeance. All the while, in the far north beyond the Wall, the wildling threat steadily grows in strength.

As armies gather and ravens fly, a clash of kings is inevitable.

Based on the best-selling novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones Boardgame (2nd Edition) allows players to take control of the great Houses of Westeros and embark on an epic struggle to claim the Iron Throne. Immerse yourself in a game of clever planning, careful allocation of power, and delicate diplomacy, all in the exciting flavor of A Song of Ice and Fire.

This updated 2nd Edition of the best-selling board game brings a host of enhancements to your A Game of Thrones experience. It incorporates elements from the previous expansions, including ports, garrisons, wildling cards, and siege engines. In addition, it introduces welcome new innovations; convenient players screens hide your careful planning from prying eyes, while the Tides of Battle cards convey the risks of war.

1 Rulebook
1 Game Board
138 Plastic Units
42 House Cards
30 Westeros Cards
9 Wildling Cards
24 Tides of Battle Cards
6 Player Screens
90 Order Tokens
120 Power Tokens
18 Influence Tokens
6 Supply Tokens
14 Neutral Forces Tokens
6 Victory Point Tokens
6 Garrison Tokens
1 Iron Throne Token
1 Valyrian Steel Blade Token
1 Messenger Raven Token
1 Game Round Marker
1 Wildling Threat Token
1 King's Court Overlay
2 Reference Sheet

Ages: 14+
Players: 3-6
Game Length: 120-240 minutes

Please Note: This is the second edition.

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