A Song of Ice & Fire : Dothraki Hrakkars

A Song of Ice & Fire : Dothraki Hrakkars

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The great white lions of the Dothraki Sea are majestic, noble beasts which thrive in the vast grasslands despite the value of their pelts. Hunting one is a symbol of status. Taming one is a feat known only to the mightiest khals. Of a similar size and ferocity to the famed Stark Direwolves, the Hrakkars make for powerful weapons in warfare. Raking claws and powerful jaws aside, the Hrakkar's natural stealth gives them a significant capability. With training, the Hrakkar will slip into position unseen, ready to pounce on command and panic unsuspecting troops.

2 Dothraki Tamers & Hrakkar on Large Solo Tray
2 Unit Cards

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.

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