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You are Great Old Ones, eldritch horrors waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Rely on your devoted Cultist to help you corrupt old Arkham with your many writhing tentacles.

A'Writhe is a party game where you partner up with your best buddy to conquer humanity: one player on each team is a Great Old One with writhing appendages, while the other is a devout mortal Cultist planning, adapting, and making humble suggestions on where to place those writhing appendages.

Manipulate the coiling appendages from any combination of Great Old Ones to form a pattern of corruption in Arkham matching your sigil to complete it. Complete three Sigils first to secure your ravenous dominion over the mortal plane. Even if you look silly doing it.

20 Location Mats
18 Double-sided Sigil Cards
8 Double-sided Great Old One Role Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 4 or 6
Game Length: 10 minutes

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