Axis & Allies - Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition)

Axis & Allies - Anniversary Edition (2nd Edition)

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The year is 1941. The Axis war machine appears invincible. The Balkans have fallen. Pearl Harbor has been attacked, and Rommel has the British on the run in North Africa.

At this explosive point in history, the Axis & Allies: Anniversary Edition challenges you and your opponents to decide the outcome of World War II. As one of the world powers struggling for supremacy in 1941, you must spearhead your country's military drive. As a leader of one of the great powers, you must be a brilliant military strategist. Plan your attacks, move your forces into embattled territories, and resolve the conflicts.

The economic destiny of your nation is also at stake. Buy and develop advanced technology from your stockpile of production certificates - an income based on your own natural resources and successful territorial expansion.

If you are a brilliant military strategist and a prudent economist, you will lead your nation to victory. The Anniversary Edition places the military and economic destiny of the globe in your hands.

This edition includes an all-new, huge 24" x 46" game board, new cruiser units, and the debut of Italy as the third Axis nation.

3 Game Boards
1 Battle Board
6 National Setup Charts
1 National Production Chart
1 Research and Development Chart
120 National Control Makers
22 Damaged Factory Markers
18 Researcher Tokens
18 Victory City Tokens
6 Nationality Boxes
2 Community Boxes
7 Black Dice
7 Red Dice
10 Gray Plastic Chips
10 Red Plastic Chips
30 One IPC Bills
30 Five IPC Bills
30 Ten IPC Bills
24 Industrial Complexes
24 AA Guns
672 Plastic Miniatures

Ages: 12+
Players: 2-6
Game Length: 360 minutes

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