Battletech : Field Manual - Federated Suns

Battletech : Field Manual - Federated Suns

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Dominant for centuries, House Davion has led the Federated Suns to greatness through brilliant and innovative leadership. The Federated Suns have carved a prominent swath through history: the Davions formed a military that rewrote modern warfare; created the New Avalon Institute of Science, giving the Inner Sphere its first technological renaissance in three centuries; and united the military might of the Federated Suns with the economic power of House Steiner, creating the vast star empire known as the Federated Commonwealth. But with such power comes corruption -- and civil war is looming on the horizon.

BattleTech Field Manual: Federated Suns provides profiles on every Federated Suns regiment, including their loyalties, and provides special rules, new equipment and 'Mechs® unique to this powerful House.

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