Battletech - Clan Invasion salvage box

Battletech - Clan Invasion salvage box

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This blind-purchase Salvage Box contains one of 93 individual BattleMechs. Originally made to create parity between the Inner Sphere Lance ForcePacks and Clan Star ForcePacks, their popularity convinced us to continue producing these great blind-purchase items. 

Each Salvage Box contains one fully-assembled BattleMech or OmniMech, randomly collated from our full list. They are assembled and unpainted. Each box also contains a MechWarrior Card and an Alpha Strike card.

These Salvage Boxes are not the same as the ones offered during our Kickstarter campaign. Those only contained one of 15 different OmniMechs (those from Wave One). Due to the popularity of the Salvage Box line, we have expanded the choices to include all 93 'Mech designs from our Clan Invasion campaign. (This does not include any of the "special 'Mechs", such as the UrbanMech or the Legendary MechWarrior 'Mechs.) They are all printed in equal numbers and randomly collated. 

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