Bears vs Babies

Bears vs Babies

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Ursa vs. Infant

Oh no! Armies of horrible, despicable babies are attacking! They're attacking by land, by sea, and by air! Who will save us from the infantile menace? Some magnificent, glorious bears of course, and an assortment of other monster friends that you will stitch together, beefing them up with nunchuck-wielding T-Rexs, friggin' sweet power tools, intravenous caffeine drips, and saucy sombreros - so that they may gobble up those villainous babies, and save the day!

This, friends, is a card game. A card game in which you build monstrous bears who eat horrible babies. It's made by the same intelligent and attractive people who brought you Exploding Kittens. Battle the oncoming hordes of awful babies, or have fun sending other players into battle woefully unprepared. Because even though you are battling baby armies, the real fight is between you and your fellow players. At the end of the day, it's all about who can gobble up the greatest number of delicious babies! 

Product Specifications 
  • Bears vs. Babies
  • A highly-strategic monster-building card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens
  • Choose the Core Game or NSFW Expansion Pack
  • (Note that the NSFW Expansion requires the Core Game to play)
  • Created by Elan Lee and Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal)
  • For 2-5 players 
  • Ages 10+ (NSFW is 18+)
  • Play time: 20 minutes
  • Mechanic:  Hand management, player elimination, set collection, and take that 
  • Core Game Includes:
    • 107 cards
    • Fancy fabric playmat
    • FAQ sheet
    • Rule book
    • All inside a FURRY BOX!
    • (Grooming kit sold separately)

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