Blood Bowl Team: Athelorn Avengers

Blood Bowl Team: Athelorn Avengers

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With a free-wheeling and easygoing style, the Athelorn Avengers have been going from strength to strength in the newer open tournament style of play. Some cynics – and there are a lot of cynics – reckon this is because they no longer have their arch-rivals the Darkside Cowboys breathing down their necks, but let’s ignore the naysayers, and bask in the Avengers’ glory!

Field the Athelorn Avengers – or any Wood Elf Blood Bowl team – with this bundle. You’ll receive a Wood Elf Team – 12 metal miniatures, including 2 wardancers, 2 catchers, 1 thrower and 7 linemen, and a metal Blood Bowl Treeman. Supplied with 13 25mm slotted round bases.

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