Blood Rage : Gods of Asgard

Blood Rage : Gods of Asgard

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Viking clans pillage and battle in a quest for glory at the end of the world!

     Only two gods will be part of each game session. Each god's ability is always in effect, changing the rules of the province they are in. The rest of the provinces are not affected. After a player attempts to pillage a province containing a god figure, whether he succeeds in the pillaging or not, he must then move the god to a different unpillaged province that does not contain a god figure. The two gods can never occupy the same province and they never go to a pillaged or destroyed province. The combination of the two gods used in each game creates a unique texture to that session. They affect draft choices and influence the flow of the battles. Will your try to benefit from a god's power again and again by moving him where you want and always pillaging his province, or will you do your best to neutralize him by pillaging around his province!
  • For 2-4 players
  • 60-90 minutes of playing time
  • Age range: 13 years and up
Please Note: This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Blood Rage is required to play.

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