Battletech : AeroTech 2 Revised

Battletech : AeroTech 2 Revised

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In the thirty-first century, the BattleMech® reigns as king of the battlefield. But this title is not undisputed. Thundering down from deep space fly squadrons of deadly aerospace fighters, bristling with weapons rivalling the heaviest of 'Mechs® and loaded with deadly bombs. Their mission: to defend the space-faring DropShips and JumpShips, the lifeblood of every successful military operation.

Add the ecisting dimension of aerospace combat to your BattleTech® games with AeroTech 2®. A companion to the BattleTech Master Rules, Revised™, this book contains all the rules and background material you need to add aerospace fighters, WarShips and other spacecraft to your BattleTech and RPG games. These rules also support stand-alone air- or space-combat scenarios.

This Revised Edition of the rulebook has been extensively expanded and incorporates more than four years of player feedback to create the most comprehensive set of aerospace rules yet published for the BattleTech universe.

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