Core Rulebook gift set

Core Rulebook gift set

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Explore Ancient cities and deadly dungeons

Whether you're just starting your first adventure or you're a veteran Dungeon Master, the core rulebooks of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game will spark your imagination and help you create worlds of adventure.  As DM, you can use the Dungeon Master's Screen to hide all your secrets and quickly reference key rules to help keep the game going.


From the Publisher:


Enjoy the fresh finish on these beautiful covers, while you create the ultimate adventurer to battle dragons, giants, mind flayers, and beholders on your quest for legendary treasure.

The world needs heroes, will you answer the call?

    • Includes fifth edition’s best-selling rules core books:  Dungeon Master’s Guide, Player's Handbook, and Monster Manual, along with a Dungeon Master’s screen together for the first time in a beautiful slip case.
    • A perfect set for players and Dungeon Masters looking to start.

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