Dark Age: Dragyri

Dark Age: Dragyri

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For centuries the Dragyri have fought amongst themselves as much as they have fought the humans on the surface of Samaria. Now, however, they have realized it is time to work together and elect a Grand Arbiter. Old enmities still exist, and may not be put aside thanks to the appearance of the long-awaited Shadow Caste. This 240-page, full-color, faction-focused rulebook features:


• The story of the Dragyri – in addition to the narrative, there is a lot of background information on who the Dragyri are, where they came from, and how their society is structured.
• An advancing storyline – The Dragyri have played an important role in Samarian history, both before and since The Abandonment. This ongoing tale skillfully weaves the various threads together in a compelling manner.

• Almost 20 new units for the new Shadow Caste subfaction – Like their elemental focus would suggest, the Shadow Caste are a mix of lithe assassins and brutal nightmares summoned from the very depths of terror itself.

• New Faction rules that cover the way the subfactions are structured and how they may now interact.

• World-building art – There are a lot of great art pieces that really give a feel for the Dagyri and the lands they inhabit.

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