Dark Age Faction Deck - Dragyri

Dark Age Faction Deck - Dragyri

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A real must-have for Dragyri players (or those with Dragyri opponents). The Dagyri forces have been updated extensively and these cards represent those changes fully, as well as providing all the cards for the brand new Shadow Caste subfaction. Printed on linen-finish card stock, and housed in it’s own tuckbox, this 97-card deck features:


• 69 Dragyri Unit Cards – These cards provide all the stats, weapons, and special abilities for the units in each of the four Dragyri Castes. All existing units have been  updated for this 2016 release.

• 28 Dragyri Psychogenic Cards – These cards provide all the Psychogenic powers for each of the four Castes, seven cards for each.


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