Dark Age Faction Deck - Skarrd

Dark Age Faction Deck - Skarrd

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The mutant survivalists and cannibal horrors of the Skarrd are growing by leaps and bounds, shown by their increased ranks and the threat they pose to humanity on Samaria.  This 95-card pack contains everything a Dark Age player needs to know.  Found inside are the current rules, statistics, and abilities of the Skarrd Horde, Blood Cult, Toxic Cult, Cult of Metamorphosis, Cult of Decay, and a couple of Bounty Hunters willing to work for monsters.  From improved rules on old units found in existing Skarrd forces to the new models just now joining the, this card pack has it all!

This faction deck contains all of the up to date stat cards for your favorite faction with a sleek new layout design that is easy to follow and pleasing to the eye.

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