MIG Decal Softener

MIG Decal Softener

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The solution to smooth decal and increases grip on irregular surfaces like bumps or cavities

MIGProductions have introduced a new product in the market that had not been in their range before – a new Decal Set and Decal Softener solution for decals. These new products are the result of long and intensive research. They are designed with the beginner and the advanced modelers in mind, MIGProductions offers the ultimate solution to deal with your decals.

– Apply MIGDecal Set to the area where the decal is to be positioned.
– Place decal onto the area.
– Slide decal into the correct position with the help of a brush or tweezers.
– Use a cotton swab to remove any excess water and air bubbles.
– Apply MIGDecal Softener over the decal. Then, very gently, use a cotton swab to conform it to the model’s surface.
– Do not touch the decal until it dries completely.

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