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Go to Hell - and Never Come Back

Please be advised, a containment breach has been detected at the Union Aerospace Corporation Martian Facility A113. Recommend all staff evacuate at the earliest convenience. This is a Priority 6 alert. Any personnel remaining on the premises will void their UAC term-life insurance policy. Emergency containment teams are inbound to secure the facility and ensure compliance.

DOOM: The Board Game thrusts up to four heavily armed marines into the fight to protect humanity against the darkest evils of Hell. The UAC Marines will load up their arsenal as they charge through treacherous missions, struggling fiercely to overtake the invader's horde of ravenous demons and accomplish near-impossible feats.

Each Glory Kill will bring the marines closer to victory, but not without leaving a trail of slaughtered monsters in their wake ... and taking a few fatal blows themselves.

2 Rulebooks
1 Operation Guide
37 Plastic Figures
6 Dice
8 Demon Cards
36 Event Cards
73 Activation Cards
12 Invasion Cards
3 Threat Cards
10 Initiative Cards
4 Marine Cards
6 Objective Cards
24 Class Cards
12 Glory Kill Cards
4 Squad Cards
4 Stun Cards
24 Map Tiles
8 Plastic Stands
187 Assorted Tokens

Ages: 14+
Players: 2-5
Game Length: 120-180 minutes

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