Dragyri: Fire Caste Faction Starter

Dragyri: Fire Caste Faction Starter

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In their search for dominance amongst the Dragyri castes, the Fire Caste have eschewed traditional notions of honor, flexing the concepts to fit their way of fighting. They now embody the raging inferno, brutally fast and equipped with a lot of wonderful Alteghran technology, that can set the world ablaze. Led by mighty Spirit Lords as at home with controlling their elemental Focus as slaughtering foes in close combat, the Fire Caste forces look to weaken enemy forces with fire and then sweep in to the screaming chaos to finish things off.

• Highly detailed metal miniatures
• This 500-point Dragyri Fire Caste Faction Starter Box is the ideal way to start a Fire Caste collection.
• The Spirit Lord can advance swiftly and is best supported by the Volcanic Helots as bodyguards. This strong base of combat ability can act as a wonderful anvil as the Infernos move around the flanks and drive the enemy against that proverbial hard place.

Box contains: one (1) Spirit Lord of Fire, two (2) Volcanic Helots, two (2) Infernos, five (5) 40mm bases,and their Dark Age unit cards.

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