Dungeons & Lasers: Animal Companions

Dungeons & Lasers: Animal Companions

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28mm Scale


You don't need powerful fireballs when you have animal companions! They're brave, smart, sneaky, and most importantly, loyal. With a dream team like this, exploring dungeons and defeating Bosses have never been that easy! Just watch out for the mimic family - they may trick you.


Plastic components.



2 Gustav the Eagle

2 Cornelle the Cat

2 Dexter the Dog

2 Robin the Fox

2 Malik the Monkey

2 Cecile the Weasel

2 Geralt the Wolf

2 Brienne the Bear

2 Myrtle the Turtle

1 Snark the Spark

1 Paulo Owlelo

1 Roblin the Goblin

1 Chest Mimic

1 Safe Mimic

1 Vending Machine Mimic

21 Round Plastics Bases (25mm)


Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

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