Edge of the Empire - Suns of Fortune

Edge of the Empire - Suns of Fortune

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On Corellia, the best chance for success is to take a fast ship, a faster pilot, and hit the hyperlanes. It's demanding, but Corellians are equal to the demands. It's frightening, but Corellians have no fear. It's risky, but Corellians never shy away from risk. After all, the only things that outweigh risks are the fortunes to be made...

Visit intrigue and danger in the heart of the Star Wars galaxy with Suns of Fortune: A Sourcebook for the Corellian Sector. This book contains everything an enterprising smuggler needs to explore the opportunities and adventure found in the birthplace of Han Solo and Wedge Antilles. Evade CorSec patrols with a cargo of smuggled spice, explore the secret tunnels of Selonia, and swoop race through the deadly danger of the Crystal Swamps.

This Sourcebook includes:

• Detailed profiles on every major planet in the Corellian Sector.

• Three new species options found in the Sector.

• Rare and exotic weapons, tools, contraband, and starships.

• Nine modular encounters GMs can use to take their players on a tour of the Corellian Sector, or insert into their own ongoing campaigns.

144 Pages, Hardcover

Please Note:  This is not a stand-alone game. This is a supplement for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG - Core Rulebook.

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