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In times of great need, a slann might summon a Stegadon carrying a mysterious Engine of the Gods. Only Stegadons have the brute strength required to transport this terrifying device which, whilst wildly unpredictable, can summon raging celestial infernos and even restore fallen seraphon. Its most extreme attribute is the ability to seemingly slow down time itself, causing the enemy’s perception to alter - it appears as though the entire seraphon host is moving at lightning speed. Even the relatively sedate pace of the lumbering Stegadon is accelerated to the point that the swiftest foe cannot react in time to its monstrous jaws.

This kit contains all the components necessary to assemble one Engine of the Gods, borne aloft by a Stegadon. The skinks riding in the attached howdah hurl meteoric javelins, and the Engine of the Gods itself stands menacingly behind them. A glyph-plate can be added to the head of the Stegadon for an awesomely mysterious look! Supplied with one Citadel 120mm Oval base.

This kit can also be used to assemble a Stegadon. 

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