Force and Destiny - Disciples of Harmony

Force and Destiny - Disciples of Harmony

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The ancient Jedi always sought to bring peace to those oppressed by conflict, and no one took this duty more seriously than the Consulars. These sages and diplomats kept the dogs of war at bay for generations. Now, as strife consumes the galaxy, those who take up the mantle of the Consulars find they are needed more than ever.

Step forward to protect the innocent and mediate peace with Disciples of Harmony. This supplement expands upon the Force & Destiny RPG, adding new content for Consulars and other characters who desire wisdom over glory. Summon the Force and ignite your blade as you bring justice to the galaxy, discover the secrets of long-lost ages, and train a new generation of Jedi.

This supplemental rulebook includes:
• Expanded character options including Motivations, Moralities, species, and specializations.
• New signature abilities and two new Force powers to imbue allies iwth supernatural power and to drain vitality from your foes.
• New weapons, armor, equipment, vehicles, and starships to aid Consulars in their many missions.
• Guidance for GMs on building mentors for their players and running social encounters as engaging and involved as any firefight.

This is not a stand-alone game. This is a supplement for Force and Destiny RPG - Core Rulebook.

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