Gang Rush : Breakout

Gang Rush : Breakout

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The job of a mafia driver is to bring home the loot… and do it fast!

Being the wheelman for a mafia crime organization is an exciting life. You make dangerous runs across the border to help bring home the hard earned fruits of the gang’s labor. However, this is no Sunday drive. Rival organizations try and slow you down, the authorities are hot on your trail, and there’s enough debris and barriers between you and freedom that it takes all of your skills to navigate this obstacle course. Getting across the bridge first is great, but you’ll need to be the hood that delivers the most loot to the Don if you want to take your rightful place by his side. Choose your driver, plot your course, and fasten your seatbelt! Gang Rush is one heck of a ride!

Border Bridge
Race across the super-cool, 3D border bridge as you battle to return home with the most money. Barriers, patrol agents, and other drivers will try and slow you down.
Pick Your Driver
You have the option of five different drivers, each with their own car and special abilities that will help make the deliveries.
Unique Movement
Maneuver your car through the obstacles and attack other drivers with a combination of dice rolling and an innovative dashboard mechanic.
  • Box Contents:
  • 1Bridge (assembly required)
  • 5Vintage Cards
  • 5Dashboards
  • 100Bills
  • 60Tokens
  • 5Ramps (assembly required)
  • 10Containers (assembly required)
  • 12Barriers (assembly required)
  • 5Race Dice
  • 1Rulebook
  • Ages: 14+Players: 3-5Game Length: 45 minutes

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