Gaslands Refuled

Gaslands Refuled

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With the ravaged Earth under the control of the elite on Mars, contestants are forced to compete in front of baying crowds in Gaslands, TV's premier death race. Shoot, ram, skid, and loot your way through the ruins of civilization with Gaslands: Refuelled, the tabletop miniature wargame of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem.

Players take control of small fleets of armed vehicles and engage in battles for resources, dominance, and survival, hoping to make it to the prime time final where victory means the possibility of escaping the blasted remains of the Earth.

Compiling all the rules from the original Gaslands and the Time Extended supplements plus all-new material including expanded and enhanced perks, sponsors, vehicle types, and weapons, Gaslands: Refuelled contains everything a budding wasteland warrior needs to build and customize their fleet of vehicles in this harsh post-apocalyptic future.

In addition to these rules, you will need the following items to play Gaslands:

• Toy Cars - A small collection of post-apocalyptic cars, trucks, or buggies in any scale. The rules assume you are using die-cast toy cars, which are roughly 20mm scale.

• Dashboards - A Dashboard is a quick reference for your vehicle and used for recording current values for hull points and gears. Dashboards are provided in this book and can be photocopied.

• Maneuver Templates - These custom templates are in this book and are used to measure movement and weapons. Photocopy the templates, stick them to some cereal box cardboard, and cut them out with scissors or a craft knife.

• Dice - You only need six-sided dice to play Gaslands. Whenever the rules refer to a die, use a D6.

• Skid Dice - If you are feeling ambitious, you might want to make some custom skid dice, perhaps by printing the symbols on sticky labels and using blank dice.

• Table - You will need a flat surface to play on that is roughly 3' by 3' or larger. A 4' x 4' surface is recommended.

• Terrain - Terrain such as obstacles, areas of rough ground, tin shacks, barricades, ramps, oil cans, and road sections will add much to the game, but are not required.

• Tokens - At a minimum, you will need a set of matching tokens to represent hazard tokens. You may also find it useful to use tokens to track which vehicle has activated, how much ammo weapons have left, who has pole position, etc. A full selection of tokens and markers are available in these rules.

• Bases - You are not required to base your vehicles. Toy cars tend to have a pretty regular footprint, so you shouldn't find too many issues. If you don't use bases, all measurements are from and to the body of the vehicle.

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