Blue Rose RPG: Adventurer`s Guide

Blue Rose RPG: Adventurer`s Guide

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Aldis, the Sovereignty of the Blue Rose, shines as a new light in the world after the dark age of the Shadow Lords. Envoys of the Sovereign`s Finest strive to protect Aldis from threats like the Shadow-dominated land of Kern and the fanatical Theocracy of Jarzon, as well as corrupt monsters and artifacts left over from the devastating Shadow Wars. The peoples of Aldis - human, sea-folk, arcane vata, the doughty night people, and psychic, intelligent beasts known as the rhydan - unite in common cause. The Blue Rose Adventurer`s Guide opens up the award-winning romantic fantasy world of Aldea for players of the Fifth Edition of the world`s most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

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