House Goritsi Rank 1 Specialist

House Goritsi Rank 1 Specialist

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There is little more dangerous than an enraged werewolf, unless, of course, it's an enraged werewolf in steam-powered armor. Shieldbreakers combine the mystical and the mundane into an engine of unbridled striking fury. Few enemies can withstand more than a few blows from these juggernauts. Similarly, Scourgehounds excel at bringing down formidable prey, albeit through the precise control of the Zeti War Dance rather than pure rage. For those rare werewolves that can master their inner beasts, the results are a breathtaking combination of elegance and lethality in a werewolf's hardy form.
1x Scourge Hound, 1x Shield Breaker, bases
Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled, Plastic components.

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